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AIHW: A Snapshot Of Men's Health In Regional And Rural Australia

This 2010 report outlines the health status and health challenges for men living in regional and rural contexts in Australia.

A Snapshot Of Men's Health In Regional And Rural Australia


Men living in regional and remote Australia face a different set of health challenges to urban men. This 2010 report provides a profile of this population of men and outlines the health challenges they face.

Major Issues Faced By Regional and Rural Men

This population generally experiences higher rates of mortality, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, alcohol abuse and injury.

In some cases, there are huge differences between men in cities and men in very remote areas.

Complex Causes Impact On Health Cumulatively

The nature of rural and regional environments creates pressure on health and wellbeing. The distances to urban centres where health services are located can make preventative health more time-consuming and increase resistance to using services.

The increased time in cars can add up to greater motor vehicle injuries and reduced survival from accidents.

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