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Menzies School Of Research: Indigenous Suicide Discussion Paper

For a thorough overview of suicide in Indigenous populations, this review provides a useful context and detailed information.

Menzies School Of Research


In analysing deaths from suicide in Aboriginal people, one is struck by the great disparity between the genders but particularly by the huge peak of young Aboriginal men that peaks from about 20-35 years of age that take their own lives.

Deaths by suicide in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal males and females

The Discussion Paper attached is part of the Federal Department of Health and Ageing's Indigenous Suicide Prevention Strategy and provides a useful framework for considering the background to this high rate of death.

From 2001-2010, suicide accounted for 4.2% of all Aboriginal deaths, compared to just 1.6% of non-Aboriginal deaths.

The paper outlines important considerations for new programs that should aim to build on the learnings for what has been found to work and not reinvent existing programs.

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